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GZ Series Electromagnetic Vibration Feeder

GZ Series Electromagnetic Vibration Feeder

Product Details

GZ SeriesElectromagnetic Vibration feeder is an automatic equipment that can realize flow operation.GZSeriesElectromagnetic vibration feeder can be the material from the storage silo or other storage equipment in the quantitative or uniform supply to the material under the equipment, to achieve flow-type operation.

GZSeriesElectromagnetic vibration feeder can be used for the quantitative or continuous supply of bulk, granular or powdery materials. In the mining, metallurgy, coal, electricity, chemical, food, glass, refractories and other industries to use the frequency is also relatively wide.

Common.GZSeriesElectromagnetic vibration feeder has closed and open type two kinds, some places according to the installation of the way is also divided into suspension and desktop and other models.GZThe structure of electromagnetic vibration feeder is relatively simple, the operation is also relatively convenient and does not need to be lubricated, the power consumption is small, can be evenly adjusted to the amount of ore, so it has been widely used.

GZSeriesElectromagnetic vibration feeder in industrial production is often used for loose materials, according to the performance requirements of the equipment, configuration design should minimize the pressure of the material on the Groove body, Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. recommended that the silo size of the warehouse can not be greater than One-fourth of the groove width, the flow speed of the material is often controlled in the6-18m/min。 When the feed quantity of the material is relatively large, you can set a distance stop plate at the discharge point at the bottom of the silo, and the barrier plate cannot be fixed on the groove body, otherwise it will affectGZSeriesThe performance of electromagnetic vibration feeder.