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  • Mining Wind Valves

    Mining Wind Valves

    Mining wind doors are often used in the underground coal mine in and out of the air alley and the return to the alley between each contact L

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  • Bottom side unloading minecart

    Bottom side unloading minecart

    The bottom side unloading minecart is mainly suitable for the slag transportation equipment such as metallurgy, mine, coal mine, railway, Hi

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  • Car-blocking device

    Car-blocking device

    Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. production of the car resistance is also called parking, in the coal mine transport industry belongs to

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  • Impulse type Water Precipitator

    Impulse type Water Precipitator

    The impulse water precipitator is a kind of wet precipitator. To make the air through a curved channel with the working fluid better contact

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