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Mining Wind Valves

Mining Wind Valves

Product Details

Mining Wind ValvesCommonly used in the coal mine underground in and out of the wind alley and into the air return alley between each contact Lane, is now on the market common valve replacement products. The mine valve has a fully transparent type and a normal type.

Performance characteristics of mining wind valves

1.Small opening force,The opening force is independent of the wind pressure in the roadway;

2.After a person or car, the valve can be automatically closed;

3.Bidirectional sealing, small amount of air leakage;

4.The latch can be achieved between the two valves;

5.The valve opens and closes smoothly without impact, and the stability does not go wrong;

6.Collision rod type of mining wind door in the minecart through, can be through the minecart on both sides of the valve hit rod of the extrusion effect will open the wind gate, eliminating the manual opening of the program;

7.When the minecart is out of control, the windshield can be opened through the impact of the minecart on the side of the air door, so that the valve will not be damaged;

8.The mine valve is simple in structure and easy to maintain.