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Car-blocking device

Car-blocking device

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Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. production of the car resistance is also called parking, in the coal mine transport industry belongs to the anti-sports car device, a mechanical equipment, in the coal mine transport industry, the role of relatively large, generally installed on the ramp mouth. It can not only keep the minecart in the specified position, but also can be used to keep the sports car accident from happening, often with the trolley machine, overturning machine, crawler, cage and dispatching winch and other equipment used together.

The importance of the position of the vehicle resistor in the composition of mine transportation is an important link to ensure the stable production of coal mine, and it is responsible for the tasks of coal rising, rock and decentralizing equipment materials. According to the requirements of the coal mine Safety regulations, it is necessary to set up in the process of inclined well transportation"One slope three gears" measures, that is, the retaining column, automatic anti-sports car device, there is a car resistor. For decades, there have been countless casualties caused by sports car accidents in mines, which has become a "blocker" for the development of coal mine production. The blocker is installed under the wellhead to block the Minecart due to runaway and decline of the mechanical device, divided into two kinds of often open and often closed, can better prevent the sports car from slipping, do not let the occurrence of major accidents.

Classification of vehicle blocking device: manual type resistor, pneumatic resistor, electric resistor, hydraulic resistor, motor-type damper.