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Impulse type Water Precipitator

Impulse type Water Precipitator

Product Details

The impulse water precipitator is a kind of wet precipitator. To make the air through a curved channel with the working fluid better contact, to reduce the air dust and soluble chemical composition of the purpose. The advantage of this dust collector is that it can obtain a larger processing volume with a smaller volume, and there is some ability to reduce some gaseous harmful chemicals. The main drawback is that the water consumption is large, and because of the water inside the equipment, there are corrosion resistance and winter freezing problems.

Chinese name: Impulse water precipitator

Belonging to: A method of wet precipitator

Composition: Host and Overflow box

Used to: Control the height of the working liquid level

The basic structure of the impulse water precipitator:

The impulse water precipitator consists of a host and an overflow box. The mainframe is separated into two compartments separated from each other, connecting the inlet and exhaust port, respectively. Between the two cabins with a curvedSThe shape channel is connected to the column. In the case of not working,SThe shape channel is usually submerged by the working fluid. The overflow box is a device constructed of a water seal tube, which is used to control the level of the working liquid level.