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Central groove of Scraper machine

Central groove of Scraper machine

Product Details

Central groove of Scraper machineIs the box scraper machine fuselage, mainly composed of medium plate and groove and other parts, the upper groove can transport coal, the lower groove is for the scraper chain return use. On the market common in the central groove of the scraper inside the plate docking, the plane degree of the equipment surface has a relatively large error, which will make the scraper running resistance to become larger, accelerate the abnormal wear of the plate. Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. production of scraper conveyor central groove and ordinary type compared to not easy wear, the service life of the average elongation2-3Times, greatly reduce the rework workload, so that the benefits of the coal mine economy has been greatly strengthened.

Features of the central groove of the scraper machine:

1.Impact resistance higher than medium plate16MnSteel plate, do not crack, do not peel.

2.The average hardness isHRC60-70, which is about three times times that of the medium plate.

3.The coefficient of friction is lower than that of the medium plate.50%

4.Acid and alkali resistance to saline corrosion is16Mnof steel plate10Times or so.

5.According to the scraper operation mode by the calculation of reasonable layout, so that the operating resistance and noise reduction.

6.After cladding treatment, the overall strength is strengthened and it is not easy to deform after stress.