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CS95 Series Scraper Conveyor

CS95 Series Scraper Conveyor

Product Details

CS95Series Cast stone scraper Conveyor,XgzScope of application of type scraper conveyor 

Cast stone scraper conveyor is suitable for temperature in249℃ below the powder, granular, small fast and confusing materials of the dense closed transport, to a degree of transport-oriented, but also tilt transport, its conveying tilt angle for20。 , mainly applicable to the transportation of raw materials, can be applied to mining, metallurgy, coal mining, chemical industry on the water content is not too high requirements of material transportation, the system particles in the300mmFollowing. The structure is simple, when the degree of transport can be divided into single, double-layer transport, installation and maintenance is convenient, can be multi-point feed and discharge, this machine for dry transport. It is not advisable to transport fragile materials with large viscosity and low crushing rate.