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Sprocket Components

Sprocket Components

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Sprocket Componentsis a box scraper Machine Head part of an important component, in coal mining and other industries, sprocket components through the reducer to drive, and the chain of sprocket components drive the scraper in the middle of the material groove operation, and thus achieve the purpose of transporting coal and other materials. Because the chain is in constant contact with the sprocket body, so the sprocket teeth of the sprocket assembly are relatively easy to wear, after the sprocket tooth damage, it is easier to cause the box scraper jump chain and other fault problems. Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. 's sprocket components are used42CrMoOr45CrMnMoMaterial forging processing, more suitable for use in box scraper conveyor, sprocket components generally require forgings on the surface without cracks, interlayer, folds, forging injuries, slag, scarring and other defects, sprocket components of the tooth surface quenching hardness up toHRC50-55, the depth of the hardened layer has10mm。 Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. Sprocket assembly bit box type scraper conveyor transmission part, there are not easy and not easy to corrode and other advantages, through the scraper chain, scraper and other parts connected, and then continue to operate to transport coal and other materials for the purpose.