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Flat Gate

Flat Gate

Product Details

Flat GateMost of the raw materials used for the production of cast iron as raw materials, such materials are not susceptible to corrosion, can bePh6-8Used in fluid acid and alkali. The water stopping capacity of the flat gate is better, and the installation is relatively simple and the service life is longer. Our common flat gate can generally be divided into single, bidirectional way to stop water, water use after finishing their own or copper, stainless steel and other ways to stop water.


Flat Gate Feature Description:

 1) The flat gate is divided according to the relative position of the gate gate and the horizontal plane, which can be divided into dew-top flat gate and submersible flat gate.

2) is divided by the nature of the work. There are mainly working flat gate, accident flat Gate and maintenance flat gate.

3) According to the gate opening and closing method divided. The main use of mechanical operation and opening of the flat gate and the utilization of water level fluctuation when the pressure changes to control the opening and closing of the hydraulic automatic flat gate.

4) is divided according to the different support forms of the door leaves. Mainly by the fixed wheel support plate gate, hinge support plate gate, slide support plate gate, sprocket plate Gate, string roller flat gate, round roller flat gate and so on.