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Product Details

Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production gate company, products include manual, electric, pneumatic flat gate, Fan Gate, to the gate door, loading gate and other gates. The gate model of Qinhuangdao SHI Machinery Co., Ltd. is shown in the following figure:


Illustrative examples:

The electro-hydraulic flat gate produced by Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. is suitable for loading under coal silo (or other material silo) and belongs to the intermittent loading gate. The structure form is the hydraulic fan gate, the operation is simple, flexible and stable, is the ideal loading equipment.

Main machine parameters

Model Warehouse Mouth size(mm) Electro-Hydraulic Putter Thrust Rated itinerary Rated speed

DZY-60 600*800 XDG1750-600-90 17.5KN 600mm 600mm/s

DZY-70 700*900 XDG1750-800-90 17.5KN 700mm 115mm/s

DZY-80 800*1000 XDG1750-900-90 25KN 900mm 90mm/s


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