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What are the classification and selection of the van scraper machine?

Van Scraper Machineis based on the original Ministry of Coal Industry Design Authority (77) Coal set up85"About the preparation of scraper conveyor series of standard design notice" requirements and prepared, in order to adapt to the requirements of faster development, in view of the current coal transport processing capacity requirements are more and more large, each manufacturer is self-design, our company on the scraper Conveyor series improvement and new design. It can be widely used in coal mine, coal washing plant, mining, metallurgy, power plant and many other factories and mines that need to be transported.

OneXgzLightweight scraper Conveyor in series

1.Change the head wheel housing to the open bearing seat, and increase the oil injection hole, easy to repair and clean,2.Change the head frame to box-type structure, easy to seal;

3.The tail frame is changed to box-type up and down split structure, using spring tightening or screw tightening and worm gear, easy to seal and repair.

Series models changed toMxgzSeries of lightweight sealed scraper conveyor (also known as "van scraper" or "box scraper").

TwoZxgzSeries Heavy duty sealed scraper conveyor

Width of this seriesB=600800100012001400, traffic up to1150t/hPower75KWThe following, suitable for users with environmental protection requirements, this series of scraper for the overall sealing scraper, good sealing capacity, head, tail housing for half-tile seat, bearing seat, lower cover are cast steel as a whole casting, and with oil injection hole(Don't tear down the lower end cover.), good strength, easy maintenance, the use of worm gear tightening mode, are equipped with oil injection hole, reduce the amount of maintenance. Can replace the lightweight series scraper machine, and increase the service life, the chain using PHI22X86Chain, sprocket for forging sprocket, the service life is greatly increased.

ThreeSgbHeavy Duty Series Scraper Conveyor

Width of scraper machine in this seriesB=1000120014001600180020002200, traffic up to6000t/h, the chain adopts the mine ring chain specification has the PHI22X86Φ26X92Φ30X108 

1, scraper is divided into two types:16MnWear-resistant steel plate welding (suitable for large volume, large granular material transport, impact resistance, not easy to break),45MnCast steel (suitable for uniform volume, small particles, impact small transport, not easy to wear, long service life).

2, head, tail shaft use40GrMaterial forging blank, after the process of adjustment processing, with excellent mechanical properties.

3, head and tail wheels are divided into two types: forging (using better alloy steel through the overall quality adjustment treatment and machining center simulation chain meshing principle to process the scientific tooth type, quenching using sprocket flame quenching machine tool to complete, surface hardnessHRC45-55, hardened layer depth up to6-8mm, which ensures that the sprocket has high strength and the surface of the tooth is not easy to wear), casting (low cost, easy manufacture, secondary to forging);

4, head, tail wheel open bearing seat using cast steel structure, base widening and chassis connection using double-row bolts, the strength is greatly enhanced, suitable for large-volume transport.

5, nose rack, tail frame and transmission frame selection16MnPlate, after welding to reduce stress, the overall processing, not only to ensure the strength of the components, rigidity but also to ensure the accuracy of the position, stability and life.

6, heavy-duty intermediate groove with special tread welding processing, flange structure, with interchangeability, groove box lining steel plate (16MnNM360NM400NM500And so on), the use of sunken head bolts fixed in the box, the use of plug-in structure, to ensure the bottom surface and crawl smoothness, reduce operating resistance and noise.

7, the addition of "running Broken chain monitoring device", automatic shutdown of the chain, alarm, reduce the occurrence of accidents.

8, tight chain mode: There are manual screw tightening, hydraulic tightening, worm gear and worm synchronous tight chain Three kinds can be selected by users.

9, many forms of scraper conveyor can be freely equipped with one or more flat gate, flat gate is divided into two categories:1, gear rack transmission gate, simple production, low cost, stable operation;2"One stop double cylinder" electro-hydraulic flat gate, driven by the cylinder, large opening, sensitive operation, easy to operate, suitable for large volume unloading.