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What are the characteristics of the use of the van scraper machine?

Van Scraper MachineMainly by the closed section of the Shell (Machine Groove), scraper chain, drive device, tensioning device and stability protection device and other components. Equipment structure is simple, small size, good sealing performance, installation and maintenance is more convenient, can be multi-point feeding, multi-point unloading, process selection and layout is more flexible, in the transport of flying, toxic, high temperature, flammable and explosive materials, can improve working conditions, reduce environmental pollution. Today, scraper machine manufacturers Qinhuangdao SHI Machinery Co., Ltd. for everyone to tell the characteristics of box scraper machine:

1) The compartment scraper can be installed indoors or outdoors. The driving device of the outdoor box scraper machine should take anti-rain measures to prevent the electric motor from being damp, and the flange of each interface should be closed to prevent the rain from penetrating into the tank.

2) inCompartment typeIn the selection design of scraper machine, the power over15kWThe drive device shall be provided with a hydraulic coupler to improve the heavy load starting requirements and protect the motor; The electrical part shall be equipped with overcurrent protection device to prevent equipment overload or failure (electrical part generally by the selection of units to set their own juice); In the selection design, consideration should also be given to the use of broken chain protection device and material level switch, To reduce equipment damage caused by chain breakage and plugging of the traction chain.

3Compartment typeThe scraper should consider setting up a maintenance channel or platform, and have hoisting holes and lifting facilities on the building.

4Compartment typeThe bracket of the scraper machine is usually configured by the selection unit, and its bracket spacing, the fixed mode of the buried scraper and the bracket, and the force of the bracket can be consulted on the selected buried Scraper machine production plant.

5) inCompartment typeAt the mounting bracket of each part of the scraper, the steel plate or foot bolt shall be buried in the building for installation and fixation. In the connection between the head and the drive device bracket and the Foundation Foundation, the Foundation pre-burial is required, and the expansion bolt is never allowed to be fixed. InCompartment typeAfter installation and commissioning of the scraper, the head bracket shall be welded with the Foundation Foundation, as far as possible without bolt fixation. The head and drive device should also be securely mounted on a bracket with stiffness and strength to ensure that no large vibrations and displacements are produced during operation.

If everyone is rightCompartment typeScraper machine has other questions, welcome to contact scraper Machine manufacturer Qinhuangdao SHI Machinery Co., Ltd.