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Selection of lining materials for cabin scraper machine

Produced by Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd.Van Scraper MachineRelatively wide application in coal mines, coal washing plants, mines, metallurgy, power plants and many other factories and mines that need to be transported, the van type scraper machine wear-resistant lining materials roughly three kinds: cast stone, wear-resistant manganese steel plate, higher molecular plate.

1, cast stone

Cast Stone Advantages: wear resistance is better, after paving, can be used for a longer period of time (as long as the shell is not bad cast stone wear-resistant layer is not bad), the price is cheap.

Disadvantages: On-site paving is more troublesome; affected by climate (less than5degree, furan slurry needs a long period of solidification, winter construction projects as far as possible to choose wear-resistant steel plate), poor impact resistance, easy to fall off the blanking(The use of wear-resistant steel plate can solve)

2, wear-resistant manganese steel plate

Advantages: Before the factory Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. has been made, do not need to be paved on site, save time and effort, impact resistance, not affected by climate, not easy to fall off.

Disadvantages: The overall wear resistance is not comparable to cast stone, the cost is higher, the production process is complex, the construction cycle is long.

Now the use of more, heavy-duty scraper is basically the use of wear-resistant manganese steel plate.

Suggestion: Light scraper machine bottom, side plate are selected12mmManganese steel plate; selection of bottom and side plate of medium scraper machine16mmManganese steel plate; selection of bottom and side plate of heavy-duty scraper machine20mmManganese steel plate.NM360NM400NM500Wear-resistant steel plate wear resistance is greatly enhanced than manganese steel plate, but the cost is too high, the delivery cycle is long, the volume is large when used.

3, Polymer plate

Advantages: Small running noise, smooth operation.

Disadvantages: Wear resistance secondary to manganese steel plate, cast slate

Not often used.

Because the use range of the van scraper machine is much more, so Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. advised customers in the choice of van scraper when to choose according to their actual needs, if they do not know, can also contact us Qinhuangdao Shi double CHI Machinery Co., Ltd. Sales staff or customer service personnel, We will arrange a more reasonable plan for the customer according to the actual situation of the customer.