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Common faults and solutions of van Scraper machine

Van Scraper MachineWith strong power, not easy to damage, large traffic and other characteristics, lining is not easy to wear steel plate or cast stone, a wide range of large coal washing plants, thermal power plants, ports, mines, metallurgy, chemical and other industries, used to transport coal and many scattered materials. Van type (box) scraper machine as a relatively large use of products, if the failure will reduce work efficiency, resulting in greater losses and maintenance costs, today Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. for you to introduce the common faults and causes of the van scraper machine, I hope that the operator of the box scraper in the future process of attention and self-examination.


First, sprocket Assembly

1.Sprocket assembly temperature is too high

Cause of failure: insufficient oil injection of lubricant; damage to bearing and sprocket.

Treatment method: Add enough lubricating oil as required; replace bearing, remanufacturing sprocket.

2.The tooth nest of sprocket assembly is badly worn and detached from the chain

Cause of failure: scraper chain drift chain.

Treatment method: away from Sprocket500-600mm"Retaining plate Device" is added to the place. At the same time, the nose frame, tail frame, scraper chain and other transportation parts are protected.

Second, scraper chain (including scraper, chain, connecting ring, connecting parts)

1.Scraper chain drift chain.

Fault reason: the material in viscosity, humidity to a certain condition, cast slate paving uneven, the right angle of the groove so that the pulverized coal mud solidification glued to the bottom of the groove, a little bonding piles, the more accumulated, so that the scraper can not contact with the bottom of the groove, resulting in drift chain, affecting the normal use.

Treatment method: Two scraper between the chain of the flat chain ring, welded a piece8X50X130mmThe steel plate, and the direction of operation to the inward50degree angle, each8-10mWeld a piece and scrape the crushed slime from the groove to the center of the groove. In the scraper design is not included, the user in use can be temporarily welded according to the situation.

2.Scraper Chain jumping Chain

Cause of failure: transport particles larger raw coal, gangue or larger materials, high hardness of the material, the material when the operation is tucked into the sprocket and chain seam.

Treatment method: In the distance sprocket500-600mm, the retaining plate device is added to transfer the material of the larger particles away from the sprocket.

3.Scraper chain drop chain, drop channel

Cause of failure: excessive relaxation of the scraper chain.

Treatment method: Can adjust the tail tightening screw, often keep the chain in the tightening state of the work. Replace the short chain when the stroke is insufficient, or remove several chain rings.

4.Serious vibration of scraper chain

Cause of failure: Scraper chain pretightening force is too large.

How to handle it: loosen the chain.

Third, the motor

1.Motor does not start up or slowly stops after starting

Cause of failure: the supply voltage is too low; the load is too large; the contact is faulty; the operating procedure is incorrect.

Treatment method: Change the power supply voltage, reduce the load, remove part of the coal in the groove, check the relay, check the operating procedures.

2.Motor Heating

Cause of failure: too frequent start; load shift time is too long; motor heat dissipation condition is not good; bearing oil deficiency or damage.

Treatment method: Reduce the number of starts, wait for each part of the fault resolution before starting; reduce load,Shorten the load running time; Check whether the motor cooling water is smooth,Adjust water pressure to meet required values,Clean the floating coal and debris on the motor; Refuel the bearing or replace the bearing.

3.Motor sound is not normal

Cause of failure: single-phase operation; Wiring head is not tight.

Treatment method: Check the single-phase cause; Check the wiring column.

4.Burning motor

Fault reason: Scraper load operation overload is too large; heavy load start; uneven feed.

Treatment method: Add motor overload protection device, control the rated current, protect the motor from damage, but also protect the stable use of the reducer and the stability of the scraper chain; As far as possible no load start, do not overload start, uniform feed.

Iv. Reducer

1.The reducer is not sound properly.

Fault cause: Gear meshing is not good; gear wear is serious or broken teeth; bearing wear is serious or damaged; tooth surface has adhesion; there is debris in the compartment; bearing clearance is too large.

Treatment methods: Adjust the gear meshing situation, change into newer gears, replace bearings, check cleaning, release oil for cleaning, adjust bearing clearance.

2.Reducer heats up too much

Cause of failure: Lubricating oil is not clean; lubricating oil is not qualified; too much oil injection; heat dissipation conditions are not good.

Treatment: Clean, re-replace the newer oil, release excess lubricating oil, clean the floating coal on the reducer compartment

3.Oil leakage, abnormal vibration of reducer

Fault cause: seal ring damage; upper and lower compartment body surface is not strict, each end cover pressure is not tight, gear, bearing failure

Treatment method: Replace the damaged seal ring, tighten the compartment and end cover bolts, strictly prohibit the cushion on the compartment surface, and then manufacture gears, bearings.


1.Hydraulic coupling Melt Protection Plug melting spray oil

Fault cause: The compartment scraper machine operation is not smooth or the scraper chain is jammed, so that the coupling device differential too large, resulting in the coupling temperature exceeds the specified temperature.

Treatment: Reduce a malfunction or clean obstacles, remove other bumps in the connecting hood that prevent the rotation of the hydraulic coupling, and replace the fused protective oil plug.

2.Heat of hydraulic coupling of compartment scraper machine

Cause of failure: the ventilation hole of the joint cover is not smooth, the amount of oil is not enough differential is too large.

Treatment method: Clean the joint cover vents; Inject the specified amount of working oil.

3.Torque cannot be transmitted when the hydraulic coupling is fully loaded

Fault cause: The hydraulic coupling oil filling amount is insufficient.

Treatment: Injection of a specified amount of work oil.