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XGZ, SGB box Scraper Machine instruction manual

XgzSgbVan Scraper MachineThe purpose and scope of use:

Scraper conveyor is mainly used for coal preparation, plant and exterior and coal mine ground production of short-range transport, distribution warehouse transportation, mixed coal transportation, loading and transportation. It can also be used in the transportation of materials in other industries. Adapt to different moisture, different particle size of material transportation, adapt to particle size0-300mmOr400-500mm

XgzSgbThere are two types of scraper chain speed design in the van, that is,0.48m/s, 0.76m/s,Of course, the user can also choose to use other chain speed according to the conveyor volume.

XgzSgbIn the installation of the van scraper equipment, it shall be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations and order of the scraper installation.

1.The head frame, the tail frame, the middle groove bracket, the drive device frame, the flat gate frame and so on, the foundation all pad to30mmCement table to waterproof and corrosion-resistant. No cement table is allowed when there are other requirements. The bearing is filled with oil with a high-pressure oil gun.

2.Scraper machine classification options, according to the factory head, tail, middle groove and cover plate position order number, selected, do a good mark for use.

3.According to the installation diagram proofreading the base position, does not meet the requirements of the part of the repair, and then first put the middle groove bracket according to the drawing position of the line hanging line to find positive and fixed. Starting from the head of the nose in order, tightening the head frame foundation bolts and intermediate groove flange bolts, there are sealing requirements of the various connection parts need to encrypt seal seal. After connecting, proofread the straightness of the whole machine, (allow pad adjustment) If the error is higher than5mm, adjustments need to be made.

4.Welding intermediate groove and intermediate groove bracket, tail frame and tail bracket, cast stone slide groove steel groove and groove welding. Foot Foundation cement wipe surface. The inner paving of manganese steel plate is not easy to wear the scraper machine, between the slide to find a positive weld, the installation of scraper and chain.

5.Installation of cast slate and cast stone slide, first clean the tank inside the dirt, paving stone parts with angular grinder wire wheel polishing clean, leakage of metal surface capacity is relatively good. First, the cast slate according to the thin classification, thin affixed to the side of the scraper groove box, thick affixed to the bottom of the Groove box, side300mmHigh, the bottom cast slate to seam paving, with the ruler to find is to keep straight. Do not leave the wrong table, in case the scraper card resistance, damage cast slate, cast stone slide paving and groove steel to maintain straight, mud filled groove steel, cast slate paving to keep the mud full, do not leave gaps.

6.Use of furan mud, prepare a gray bucket or a larger plastic basin1To2A50X120Left and right square shovel, ordinary masonry with a big shovel can also,Rubber Hammer1A. Furan Powder and furan Adhesive Press3.5-3.8:1The ratio is placed in the container and stirred evenly together. In winter furan glue slightly more, summer glue slightly less. Dilute consistency to maintain easy operation is appropriate,

7.Cast slate paved temperature in positive5degree or above to complete, curing period4-7Days20Degrees above temperature2The day can be cured to complete. After curing, the next process can be carried out. No stampede is allowed before curing, and the next process cannot be carried out in order to affect the bonding strength of cast slate. Affect service life.

8.Install the scraper and scraper chain, the chain ring welds upward, flat ring welds inward, connecting ring opening to the inside. Adjust the tail axle group to a short distance position, first hanging edge double chain, length to just hang up the connection ring is appropriate. Excess chain rings are removed with gas cutting. Install the scraper in order at the top of the slide, adjust the tail screw after finishing the scraper, tighten the chain. Tighten the scraper bolts. It is advisable to tighten the chain of the newly installed scraper.

9.After the check is correct, the opening is empty and running, starting first, then turning continuously. Observe the collision phenomenon of cast slate without abnormal rattling. Air transfer4Hours, check that the bearing temperature rise must not be higher than50Degrees, there is no loosening of the bolts. The cast slate was not damaged and loosened. The temperature rise of reducer and motor is not higher than60The motor current is normal. After the inspection of the correct, the scraper bolts and nuts welded welding.

10.With flat gate, the installation location should be correct, flexible opening, smooth operation, sensitive and stable limit switch, closed and strict no abnormalities.

11.After installation of the conditions can be a unified spray of topcoat.