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XZG Series and CS95 series (box) cast stone scraper machine power, length selection table

Produced by Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd.XzgSeries andCS95Series compartment (box type)Cast Stone scraper Machineis a new equipment produced and developed by Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd., with the development of the construction industry, the use of cast stone scraper machine is also more and more high, the scope of application of cast stone scraper machine is mine, metallurgy, coal mine, chemical industry and so on the water content does not have high requirements of material transportation, material granularity in300mmFollowing. Cast stone scraper machine for dry conveying. It is not advisable to transport fragile materials with large viscosity and low crushing rate. The installation of Cast stone scraper machine needs to be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations, so that the use of cast stone scraper machine is better.

1, cast stone scraper machine requires drive device rack, nose, tailstock, middle groove bracket and so on all pads to30mmAbout the concrete table, without the gate of the cast stone scraper machine should also be cushioned30mmCement table, no pads are allowed when there are other requirements. When the cast stone scraper is installed in the middle Groove, it is installed sequentially according to the order number on the outside of the middle groove.

2, cast stone scraper machine requirements for straight installation, until the bolt fastening, and then according to the requirements of the drawings unified paving cast slate. Binder by the construction unit to choose their own, and in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the construction, to dry, and then empty operation.

3, cast stone scraper machine chain assembly, the chain ring weld upward (that is, the vertical ring welds back sprocket), flat ring welding mouth to the chain middle line. The Connecting ring concave table is facing up and the plane is down (that is, the plane is facing the sprocket).

4, cast stone scraper machine after installation, air transfer4Hours, after operation, the bearing temperature rise must not be higher than30℃, there is no loosening of bolts, cast slate did not appear collision marks, reducer should meet the requirements. Gate transport barrier-free phenomenon, the gap between the parts should be in accordance with the regulations.

Cast stone scraper machine in the operation should be smooth, no impact, vibration and other phenomena. The chain tensile force is uniform, the bearing temperature rise is not higher than30℃, spray the paint uniformly.

The following is the production of Qinhuangdao Shi double CHI Machinery Co., Ltd.XzgSeries andCS95Series of vans (box) cast stone scraper machine power, length selection table, welcome to reference and purchase.