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What are the main reasons for the fracture of mine scraper chain?

1.Mining scraping PlateThe chain was suddenly stuck during the run. For example, like Chute counterpart dislocation caused to hang the scraper or chain ring, in the operation of one end of a rigid object placed in the chute, the other is stuck in the coal gang or mining scraper groove gang or other fixtures next to the machine, this time will be the mine scraper chain to produce a relatively large impact and cause fracture. Others because the roof of the mine roadway is not high enough, but the nose is relatively high, this time when large coal or gangue is transported to the nose, stuck between the conveyor and the roof, the chain has an impact and broken chain.

2.If the chain of mining scraper is too tight, it not only strengthens the initial tension of the chain, shortens its service life, but also has no room for buffering when the chain is jammed, which strengthens the tension load of the chain ring.

3.Because the mine scraper chain is too loose or serious wear, or two chains of different lengths, when running the sprocket, the tooth hopping occurs, so that the chain ring is affected by the sprocket teeth, resulting in the chain ring deformation, fracture and scraping plate bending.

4.When loading coal for a long time, starting the motor under the condition of overload, the dynamic tension of the mining scraper chain is strengthened, which causes the chain to break.

5.Mining scraper Two chain chain distance is not the same (one chain wear degree is more serious than another) so that many loads are concentrated on a chain, so that fracture.

6.The connecting bolts of the ring chain are lost and broken by the disconnection of the chain.

7.The deformation chain ring is many, the meshing is not good in the operation process, the stress is uneven, causes the broken chain accident.

8.The working surface of the working face is uneven, the working face is not straight, the conveyor scraper force is uneven, scraping card derailment and other phenomena, easy to occur broken chain.

9.Too much coal back from the scraper conveyor causes the bottom chain to overload and break the chain.

In addition to the above reasons caused by the fracture of the mining scraper chain, the role of normal operating dynamic load. Corrosion and wear of mine water are also the cause of fracture of mine scraper chain. Therefore, in the actual work to strengthen the scraper chain inspection and maintenance, and take some corresponding management measures.