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BEIJING China Coal Sunshine Mining Technology Co., Ltd. Order our company MXZG plate casting stone scraper machine and its accessories

BEIJING China Coal Sunshine Mining Technology Co., Ltd. related leaders in the King always led down Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. OrderMxzgCompartment (box type)Cast Stone scraper Machineand its accessories, Qinhuangdao SHI Machinery Co., Ltd. production and processing capacity and pre-sales service mapping to give full recognition, and on-site to sign the order contract.

MxzgCompartment (box type) cast stone scraper Machine

1, the function Overview: our company producesMxzgCompartment (box) Cast stone scraper conveyor is mainly used for coal preparation, plant and exterior and coal mine ground production of short-range transport, distribution warehouse transport, mixed coal transport, loading and transportation. It can also be used in the transportation of many materials in other industries. Adapt to many different moisture, different granularity of material transportation, adapt to particle size0-300mmOr400-500mm

Can be transported horizontally, can also be climbed to transport,0-30degree angle tilt Conveyor can be. Conveyor time for single-layer transport and double-decker transport. When used, it can also be mixed with single layer and double layer to achieve the purpose of conveying. This series is designed with horizontal transportation as the main.

This series of scraper machine scraper chain speed design Two, that is,0.48m/s, 0.76m/s,Of course, the user can also choose to use other chain speed according to the conveyor volume.


2, main parameter table

Model Conveyor Capacity (t/h LengthM Installed power (KW Chain Speed (M/S Chain specifications Lining materials Number of slot box layers

SGB800 600-1000 25-72 75-160 0.85-1.1 22*86-C Polymer plate wear-resistant steel plate or cast stone Single or double

SGB1000 800-1200 25-72 75-160 0.85-1.1 22*86-C  

SGB1200 1000-1300 25-72 75-160 0.85-1.1 22*86-C  

SGB1400 1800 20-100 75-220 0.85-1.1 22*86-C


SGB1600 2500 20-100 75-315 0.85-1.1 26*92-C  

SGB1800 4500 20-100 160-560 0.85-1.3 26*92-C


SGB2000 5000 20-100 220-600 0.85-1.3 30*108-C



Produced by Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd.MxzgVan type (box) cast stone scraper machine and accessories supply all provinces and cities in China, widely used in coal mines, coal washing plants, mines, metallurgy, power plants and many other factories and mines to be transported.

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