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China Coal Science and Engineering group Tangshan Research Institute and we reached the flat gate and other products of the cooperative relationship

Tangshan Institute Co., Ltd. (formerly Tangshan Coal Research Institute of the Ministry of Coal Industry of the People's Republic of China, Tangshan branch of the General Institute of Coal Scientific Research) was founded in1956is a large-scale comprehensive scientific research institution engaged in coal preparation, mine surveying, hydraulic coal mining and pipeline transportation in China's coal industry.

Self -1998Our company's legal person million gold is in cooperation with the Tangshan branch, in accordance with the actual site situation to jointly design and develop the required scraper machine, feeder,Flat Gate, Minecarts and other related process parameters, in accordance with the provisions of the two sides of the agreement to produce Tangshan branch requirements of custom products and related accessories, good use of ability, feedback is also relatively good.

To2008Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. was formally established, Qinhuangdao Shi double CHI Machinery Co., Ltd. and China Coal Science and Industry Group Tangshan Research Institute Co., Ltd. Business relationship to a further level, scraper, feeder, flat Gate, Minecart and other related products for better cooperation, for the Tangshan Research Institute to provide a stable quality of assured products, and provide24Hours all day timely pre-sale, sale, after-sales service.

Self -1998Since the annual cooperation, Tangshan Research Institute and Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. has established a consolidated partnership, is "the Institute+Manufacturer "of the combination. Tangshan Research Institute as China's coal industry engaged in coal preparation, pipeline transport and other research of large state-owned comprehensive scientific research institutions, for the development of Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide valuable technical support and help, our company in Tangshan Research Institute support and help, production technology continues to provide, product optimization, service continues to rise.

Thanks to partner Tangshan Research Institute30Years of untiring support and help. Our company will be based on the cooperation of the Tangshan Research Institute, Rising Technology, do a good job of products, more and more good for the world's vast number of customers inside and outside to provide high quality and low price scraper machine, feeder, flat Gate, Minecart and other mining equipment products and accessories.