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Use of various parts of scraper conveyor

Sprocket Shaft Group is one of the important components of scraper conveyor, when the conveyor after a long period of operation, its sprocket shaft group will also appear to varying degrees of wear. When its wear degree reaches a certain limit, the continued use of the potential will have more serious consequences for the scraper conveyor, so it needs to be replaced in a timely manner.

Before replacing the sprocket shaft group of the scraper conveyor, it is necessary to pull the material off the conveyor and reprint machine, so that the scraper machine is connected to the vicinity of the head sprocket near the nose, and to lock the three machines and lock the machine, then can control the console will be the three-machine power isolation switch hand to the disconnect position and latch.

This is followed by the operation of the scraper conveyor tail of the tensioning cylinder control valve, remove the positioning pin on both sides of the tensioning part, and retract the tension, so that the scraper conveyor chain relaxation. Then use the hammer and punch to remove the connection chain ring, open the chain ring, and then the hand pull gourd fixed on the bracket top beam up the hoop, with the hand pull gourd to bypass the disassembled chain.

In addition to the sprocket shaft group will wear out due to the use of scraper conveyor, the chain is the same, and even there will be a break phenomenon. In order to prevent chain damage, not only to make the chain of the scraper conveyor to maintain a suitable tensioning degree, but also to balance the scraper conveyor chain on both sides of the link distance, to ensure that the chain is not overloaded.

When using the scraper conveyor, according to its standard load, to ensure that the load start when the motor's dynamic tension, so as to protect the chain. In addition, the scraper conveyor chute point alignment, regular inspection of the scraper chain ring, timely replacement deformation, wear chain and so on to prevent chain breakage are beneficial.