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Design of welding scheme for middle groove of scraper machine

Scraper is a relatively high frequency of equipment used in the coal mining industry,Central groove of Scraper machineis a more important part of the scraper, but also more serious wear parts, so it is necessary to the central groove of the scraper machine for more important maintenance and maintenance, in order to speed up the efficiency of production, but also need the operator to understand some maintenance process, Today Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. for you to introduce the central groove of the scraper welding scheme design, for your reference,

First, the selection of welding methods

The central groove surfacing of scraper is generally a batch welding, and the welding method determines the welding speed, melting rate and production cost of bulk surfacing. Manual arc welding, carbon dioxide gas protection welding and plasma arc surfacing are common3A welding method for the middle groove. This3Welding methods have different characteristics, comprehensive consideration of welding speed, melting rate, production costs and other factors, should be selected carbon dioxide gas protection welding, that is, gas-retaining welding method for the central groove of the scraper machine.

The main welding equipment of gas-retaining welding is gas-retaining welding machine, which is generally selected500Type. such as existing350Type gas welding machine, can replace the wire feed hose, wire feeder, conductive nozzle and other accessories, can also be used for the central groove of the scraper surfacing.

Two , Welding material selection

Welding material directly affects the service life and overall surfacing cost of the middle groove of the scraper after surfacing, and the following points need to be paid attention to when selecting the welding material.

1, High hardness

The higher the hardness of the welding material, the better the performance of the middle groove of the scraper after surfacing.

2, a compound with high hardness on the substrate of the surfacing layer

The friction and wear conditions of the middle groove of the scraper machine make the high hardness matrix welding material not suitable for the central groove surfacing of the scraper machine. Some alloy elements such as tungsten, niobium and titanium have been added, and the welding materials of high hardness compounds can be generated on the substrate, which is more suitable for surfacing in the middle groove of the scraper machine.

Iii. design of surfacing and welding scheme

1, large crossover intermittent welding channel

In the middle groove of the scraper, the plate surfacing should not be easy to wear, also to ensure that in the use of their own and scraper as much as possible wear and tear, so the location and shape of the weld is more important, through the medium plate surfacing rectangle, diamond, two sides of the bar, both sides and other patterns, a large number of tests and analysis to obtain, the large cross intermittent weld comparison is good.

2, large cross intermittent welding channel design and advantages

1) The weld channel distribution is uniform, the same to the adjacent weld channel spacing is450-500mm, each weld channel adopts intermittent welding, the weld length100mmLeft and right, spacing100mmAround.

2The use of large crossover intermittent welding channel, scraper in the middle of the groove of the medium plate, scraper and chain in the application process can be evenly worn, between the weld can retain pulverized coal, but also can play a role in setting off and grinding.

3) After the weld is disconnected, it is beneficial to reduce the welding stress and welding deformation.

4After welding generally do not need to correct the process, so that the manufacturing process is simple and easy.