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What are the classification and requirements of the scraper of the compartment scraper machine?

1Van Scraper MachineThe classification of scraper: divided into forging scraper, welded scraper, casting scraper, steel scraper. Forged Scraper adopts35MnSi (High strength steel with low alloy)Forgings, welded scraper for wear-resistant manganese steel plate welding, casting scraper for40MnCasting, steel scraping plate quality forMnsi

The chain is:MnsiAll steel used in the chain is welded automatically.

The connection ring is:MnsiForging with rigid strength steel.

2, the scraper of the compartment scraper adopts the production process such as casting, forging, heat treatment, machining and assembling, which needs to conform to the national and industry standards;

3, welding parts should conform toJB/ZQ4000.3Forgings shall conform to theJB/ZQ4000.7of the provisions;

4, gray cast iron parts should conform toGB9439The provisions of malleable cast iron shall conform toGB9440The provisions of carbon steel castings shall conform toGB11352of the provisions.

Other requirements for the scraper of the van type scraper machine:

1, all accessories, on-site mapping, to ensure that with the mining side of the original scraper conveyor supporting, the installation of the need to achieve a smooth operation of the scraper conveyor machine, not to appear jumping chain, drop chain, scraper lame card, sprocket and scraper chain normal meshing and stripping and other stable use needs.

2, the process specifications of raw coal scraper head, tail sprocket and other accessories put forward functional design, structure, performance and selection of materials and tests and other aspects of the provisions and requirements.

3, sprocket components, scraper and other accessories(Non-standard parts)The specific dimensions are based on the measured data in the winning party, which is not described in detail in this product specification.

Pre-factory inspection of the scraper of the van scraper machine:

1, the van type scraper drive sprocket factory inspection project, the inspection method, the sampling scheme and the decision rule need to achieveMT/T465-1995The relevant provisions of the Code for inspection of driving sprocket of mining scraper conveyor.

2, the rest of the parts factory inspection strict implementationMT/T103-1995"Mine scraper conveyor Factory inspection Code" related provisions.