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What are the advantages of scraper conveyors?

Scraper conveyor According to its chute layout and structure can be divided into parallel type and overlapping type, according to the number of chains and layout, can be divided into single-chain, bilateral chain, double-center chain and three-chain. In practical application, scraper conveyor can be used for horizontal and tilt transport, tilt upward transport, coal seam inclination can not exceed 25 °, tilt down transport, inclination can not exceed 20 °, coal seam inclination is too large in the case of the installation of anti-skid device. The bendable scraper conveyor can even bend the 2°-4° horizontally and vertically. Scraper conveyors are not only practical, but also have many other advantages:

1. Scraper conveyor structure is solid, can withstand the weight of coal, gangue, for the transport process of material punching, crashing, smashing, pressing and other external forces, can also bear.

2. Scraper Conveyor Adaptability is strong, can adapt to the coal mining face floor uneven, bending over the need, but also can withstand vertical and horizontal direction of light bending.

3. Scraper conveyor structure is simple, the fuselage is small and easy to install, will not occupy too much space, conveyor transport length on any point can be feed and discharge.

4. Scraper conveyor is "multifunctional", on the one hand, can also be the track of the operation of the Shearer, on the other hand, can be the pivot of the front section of the hydraulic support. In addition, it can also be run in reverse to facilitate the handling of bottom chain accidents. Chain conveyor can generally be based on the chain installed on the bearing surface classification, can be divided into: chain type, chain plate, chain type, strip type, chain bucket type, pallet type, trolley type and other types, in the specific application, according to different functional characteristics can also go to other conveyors combined into a variety of functions of the production line.