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What is the scope of application and conveying principle of cast stone scraper machine?

Cast Stone scraper MachineSuitable for temperature in250℃ below the powdery, granular, small fast and confusing materials of the strict closed transport, to a degree of transport-oriented, but also tilt transport, its larger conveying tilt angle for20

Cast stone scraper machine is mainly suitable for the transportation of many raw materials, can be applied to mining, metallurgy, coal mine, chemical industry on the water content is not too high requirements of material transportation, the system particles in the300mmFollowing. Cast stone scraper machine structure is simple, when the degree of transport can be divided into single, double-layer transport, installation and maintenance is convenient, can be multi-point feed and discharge, this machine for dry transport. It is not advisable to transport fragile materials with large viscosity and low crushing rate.

The conveying principle of the cast stone scraper machine is: the material is transported by moving the scraper inside the closed shell through a fixed interval between each other. Cast Stone scraper Machine features: strong adaptability to materials, simple structure, small size, strong sealing capacity, easy installation and maintenance, can be multi-point feeding, multi-point unloading, flexible process layout, full closure does not pollute the environment. When an overload occurs, the impact-resistant relay should cut off the power supply as soon as possible and protect the whole machine intact.GC (M)Type scraper conveyor has the characteristics of low cost, stable operation, no pollution of the environment, convenient installation and maintenance, etc.

Cast stone scraper machine is divided into two forms, ordinary type and not easy to wear type, the appearance of the same size. Wear-resistant chain scraper and wear-resistant strip after process treatment. Scraper conveyor is suitable for conveying powdery, small granular and small block materials. Its application range is, material bulk weight0.2~1.8t/m³, material temperature is lower than120℃, the moisture content is related to the granularity viscosity of the material, and it should generally be loose as a group after the hand pinch, and the granularity of the material is related to its hardness.

Ordinary cast stone scraper machine suitable for conveying materials such as: crushed coal, wheat, corn, urea, etc., wear-resistant type suitable for conveying materials such as: Cement clinker, fly ash and so on. Suitable for conveying materials such as: high temperature, explosive, strong viscosity, strong suspension fluidity, easy to break the material.