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Treatment and precautionary measures of scraper chain fracture of mining scraper

As we mentioned in the previous article,Mining scraping PlateThe reason for the break of the scraper, today Qinhuangdao Shi Machinery Co., Ltd. once again for you to introduce the mining scraper scraper chain fracture treatment and preventive measures, I hope to help you.

Fracture treatment of scraper for mining scraper:

1.The mining scraper and reprint machine used in the device with telescopic head shall use the retraction of the telescopic head to connect the chain with the tensioning.

2.If the mining scraper does not have a telescopic head device, the general use of the motor reverse tight chain, this time the tight chain to first the scraper chain end fixed on the head rack, the other end around the head sprocket, the reverse point motor, waiting for the chain to tighten as soon as possible with tight chain brake sprocket, motor switch power off lock, and then carry out chain

Regulations for the operation of mining scraper chains:

1.Mining scraper chain personnel to dress neatly and have experience, operation should be hands and feet.

2.The reverse need for a tap motor is to hold the job certificate and have experience with the old worker to complete the operation.

3.When the scraper conveyor without tight chain device is connected, it is strictly forbidden to use the motor reverse tight link chain, and the chain can be used to connect the chain tight, and when the chain is hit, the monolithic column should be fixed and secure to prevent the monolithic column from slipping and injuring the person. Operators should strictly abide by labor discipline, obey the command, strictly prohibit illegal command and illegal operation.

Precautionary measures for mining scraper chains:

1.Adhere to the use of mining scraper hydraulic coupling, in order to reduce the chain is affected by the dynamic load and impact load, so that the service life of the chain has become longer.

2.After using the scraper chain for a period of time, remove the chain and flip90° Continue to use, replace the position of the horizontal chain and the vertical chain ring, and use the method of changing its wear part to lengthen the service life of the chain.

3.When the chute internal pressure coal too much, to manually clean up, can not force the machine.

4.Timely adjustment of the mine scraper chain tightening, can not be too loose, can not be too tight, deformation of the scraper, serial, connecting ring should be replaced in a timely manner.